Closed Beta

A Smarter Spreadsheet for Data-Driven Growth

Consolidate your external data and analyze the best growth opportunities
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Demo Video

Here’s a quick demo of how we’re building a smarter spreadsheet for growth

Spreadsheets Built for Growth

Reduce Complexity

Manage all of your scenarios, views and data in a single, living document.

Attain Alignment

Prioritize competing stakeholder requests with an impact-oriented process.

Achieve OKR's

Understand how different decisions impact your ability to achieve goals.

Say Hello to Components

Leverage your intellectual capital, and say goodbye to creating growth models from scratch.

The Connected Growth Model

Easily import and forecast with real-time data from over 100+ of your favorite tools

Gridabl at a Glance

Some of our features designed to help you do more with spreadsheets
Built-in Formulas
Get up to speed in no-time with the built-in functions you already know and love.
Version Control
Manage, merge and share different versions of your spreadsheet with ease.
Shareable Views
Create and share different views for
detailed access control.
Native Integrations
Connect spreadsheets to all
your external tools.
Rolling Forecasts
Track budgeted values and actuals with tables
built to adapt over time.